Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships

The 30th annual TIRC was held in Chattanooga on Feb 8th this year. At the TIRC’s they use an age handicap system for all racers over 40 years of age. Everyone 40 and over rows at the same time. Age handicaps are set in advance based on the number of years over 40.  They then take your raw 2K time, deduct your handicap time and medals are awarded based on those adjusted times.

Part of our GIR Race Team raced here. Here’s who raced:

Kasey Obermeier – Open Lightweight Women – 3rd Place Bronze
Debbie Busbey – Open Lightweight Women – 5th Place
Camille Hood – Veteran Women (40 and Over) – 3rd Place Bronze

John Obermeier – Veteran Men (40 and Over) – 5th Place