Atlanta Erg Sprints

The Atlanta Erg Sprints does not use an age handicap system like they do in Chattanooga.  But, on the top end of the age group scale, everyone 60 and over rows together with no age adjustment. The Erg Sprints were held on February 15th this year.

Here’s who raced from GIR:

Emma Merry – Womens 30-39 – 4th Place
Camille Hood – Womens 60+ – 2nd Place  Silver
Robin Meuldijk – Womens 60+ – 1st Place Gold

Joe Merry – Masters Men – 4th Place
Glenn Wentz – Men Age 40-49 – 8th Place
Jack Turner – Men 60+ – 6th Place
Ron Meuldijk – Men 60+ – 5th Place