About Greenville Indoor Rowing

Greenville Indoor Rowing was founded by Lowell Caylor in the Spring of 2008.

Lowell Caylor, a former NFL Defensive Back, has been hooked on indoor rowing as his primary form of exercise for about 20 years. Upon retiring from the software business in 2008, he decided to establish Greenville Indoor Rowing, LLC, to share the benefits of indoor rowing with others.

While living in Denver, Lowell first became curious about the rower as he watched a very fit individual using it and he asked some questions about it. He realized the rowing machine was getting very little use in a very busy fitness facility and it didn’t take long for him to know he’d found a new, very accessible love. He later bought his own for home use and has diligently trained on the rower over the years.

Having always been a competitive champion, Lowell decided to participate in regional indoor rowing competitions and medaled each time. His passion for this form of exercise really hit home when he had a heart attack in May of 2006 and survived. Having a 100% blockage of the right coronary artery, Lowell’s cardiologist was amazed that he was still breathing. While performing the angioplasty and stent implant procedure, his cardiologist made the statement to him, “that piece of equipment (the rower) saved your life”!

Lowell is a certified indoor rowing instructor and is affiliated with Concept2, the company that created the premier indoor rower. The Concept2 rower is the one that all others are measured by and the primary equipment used for training and competition by college rowing crews and rowing clubs around the world.

In his own words Lowell states, “I think this piece of equipment is the best there is for overall conditioning. The machine works every major muscle group, plus cardiovascular, all in one workout. It is also low impact so your knees and ankles don’t take the pounding you get from running or jogging. It’s truly an exercise for all ages and all fitness levels”.

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Thank you for your interest in Greenville Indoor Rowing and “Row-ga!”. For additional information about our fitness programs or rowing machines, call or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

Lowell Caylor: lowell.caylor@yahoo.com
Laura Caylor: lauraandlowell@bellsouth.net

Call us or text us at:
Lowell’s Cell: 864-498-8608
Laura’s Cell: 864-901-3776

Or come visit us in person! Our new and expanded indoor rowing and “Row-ga!”studio is located at:

576 Woodruff Road
Greenville, SC

We are right next to Hot Springs Pools and Spas, where the Mall Connector Road intersects with Woodruff Road. Look for our big Greenville Indoor Rowing sign on the top of our building.

Greenville Indoor Rowing Instructors

Lowell Caylor

Lowell Caylor

Concept2 / UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

Lowell discovered the Concept2 indoor rowing machine in the late 1980’s while living in Denver. Once he started to row, he quickly became hooked and it has been his primary form of exercise since that time. As of this writing, Lowell has rowed more than 35 million meters on the Concept2 indoor rower and plans to continue forever !

Lowell played football and ran track in college at Miami of Ohio and then played a few years in the NFL before injuries cut his career short. He was a safety and special teams player on the 1964 Cleveland Browns team that won the NFL World Championship. Due to his competitive athletic background, he eventually started competing in indoor rowing races. He has won his age group category at the Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships in Chattanooga and at The Atlanta Erg Sprints. In 2008, he qualified for and competed in the CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston and placed 5th in the 65-69 age group. In 2012, he again qualified for and competed in the CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston and won the Bronze Medal in the 70-74 age group. The same held true for 2013, as he qualified for Boston again and again brought home the Bronze Medal for the 70-74 heavyweight age group. In 2017, he once again qualified for and went to the CRASH-B’s, but upon arriving in Boston, came down with an upper respiratory infection and was unable to compete.

Lowell became a Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor through Concept2. When he retired from the software sales business in May of 2008, he and his wife Laura decided to open Greenville Indoor Rowing so that they could share his passion for indoor rowing with as many others as possible. Since that time, many new people have been introduced to indoor rowing and have made significant improvements in their health and in their lives as a result – that is the most satisfying part of the job for him.

Laura Caylor

Laura Caylor

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

Concept2 / UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

Laura Caylor, Co-Founder of Greenville Indoor Rowing, has long been interested in fitness to keep excess weight and disease as far away as possible! Having battled with my own weight, in early years, I grew to know that I had to stay focused on a healthier way of living through nutrition and exercise. When I turned 50, I knew I needed to take extra good care of my health, my joints and my stability; I found myself focused on YOGA! Happily, after an in-depth, year-long Teacher Training program I became certified as a yoga instructor in March of 2010. I remain hungry for knowledge of this life-transforming, holistic science which integrates the study of the mind, body, Spirit connection. Indoor rowing is a great way to stay in shape; coupling that with yoga allows me to share what supports my fitness goals and desires, today and forever!

Sandi Smith

Sandi Smith

Concept2 / UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

I was a coxswain for my crew team in high school and in college and thought my rowing days were long over. In May 2011 I found an ad for Row-ga classes at Greenville Indoor Rowing and thinking about how much I had enjoyed a yoga class I took in college decided to try it. After having 3 children in 3.5 years my fitness level was pretty low, and Row-ga was the perfect opportunity to ease back into a fitness regimen in a welcoming and accepting atmosphere. After a month of Row-ga classes, I got up the courage to try a rowing class, and I was hooked. The pounds started melting away and I started reaching for even higher rowing goals. 3 years later I have lost over 50 lbs, rowed over 3.5 million meters, completed 3 rowing half-marathons and competed in the Atlanta Erg Sprints. I became a certified indoor rowing instructor in August 2012 to share my love of rowing with all my friends at GIR. When I am not rowing I am laughing with my husband, chasing 3 kids around, and volunteering all around Greenville. In my 3 years at Greenville Indoor Rowing I have been so impressed and inspired by the diversity of our crew. There is a deep respect that abides in one rower for another. “Some people have friends who do their sport. We are a family.” – Frank Berry

John Obermeier

John Obermeier

Concept2 / UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

John began rowing in 2008 as part of rehab from foot surgery. He competed in the 2009 Atlanta Erg Sprints where he met Lowell and a team from GIR. He joined the club shortly thereafter. He has competed in a number of events including Atlanta, Tennessee and the Crash-Bs in Boston. After working as an actuary for nearly 30 years, most recently with Liberty Life he decided it was time for a change. John got certified as an Concept 2 instructor in October of 2012. When he is not spending time with his two children, he is rowing, working out or pursuing some other type of physical activity.

Helen Ingram

Helen Ingram

Concept2 / UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

An Upstate native and UGA alumna, Helen Ingram discovered the joy of regular, consistent cardio workouts at the ripe age of 39. Years of complaining about how clothes fit finally pushed her to into the exercise habit. She ran her first 5K race in 2008, 10K in 2009 and discovered the indoor rowing phenomenon the same summer. Now a rowing freak, Helen has become a full tme class leader for a group that has become a lot more like family than just “the crew.” When she’s not rowing, she’s applying her social media prowess and verbal skills for a variety of freelance clients, and loving her daughter and husband.

Thom Hansen

Thom Hansen

Thom is a native of Greenville, although he lived in Southeastern PA for several years during his junior high and high school years. In his late 20’s, he returned to Greenville because he really likes the South.

An avid watcher of TV’s Biggest Loser, Thom was inspired in 2009 to begin a weight loss program at a local gym. He developed a passion for running and was successful during 2009–2011 in losing 60 pounds as he ran 5k’s, 10k’s, four half-marathons, one marathon, and one 12-man team 220-mile relay. After running took its toll, especially on his knees, Thom started yoga instruction and met Laura Caylor at a yoga class. Laura told Thom about Greenville Indoor Rowing, where he has been a crew member since September 2012. He has competed in the Atlanta Erg Sprints with the group from the oar house and has medaled in both races.

Along with just passing 4 million lifetime meters, he is enjoying his new role as a GIR rowing instructor and hopes to soon get his rowing instructor certification.

Robin Meuldijk

Robin Meuldijk

Concept2 / UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

Former couch potato, mother to two ergheads, and wife to Ron (another erghead). I am a retired Neonatal, Air Ambulance Registered Nurse, former Nurse Recruiter and Personal Assistant. When I am not rowing I like to hike, read, bake and volunteer with services directed towards recovery from addiction and mental illness. Rowing has challenged me in ways I have not been challenged before. One hour of work, do it well, do it better, with another goal to meet. I started rowing September 21, 2010. Physically my body has gradually changed as 10 1/2 inches have melted away. I dropped pant size from 16 to 10-12.

Ergheads at Greenville Indoor Rowing celebrate each other’s successes and care, support and encourage each other. The Instructors at The Oarhouse believed in me until I could believe in myself. I love, love, love rowing!

Debbie Busbey

Debbie Busbey

Debbie Busbey competed in age group swimming in Georgia, Texas and Ohio and then swam for Miami University of Ohio – just a couple years after Lowell attended there. Growing up with the discipline of swimming she developed a lifelong exercise habit. After the births of her three daughters, she found Jazzercise (which had childcare) to be a good way to stay in shape and decided to become an instructor. After several years of teaching Jazzercise (and meeting some fantastic people like Laura Caylor), she moved on to running with her husband and competed in many 5k’s. She enjoyed the competition immensely but found that the impact was taking a toll on her body. To help alleviate some of the wear and tear on her body, she began doing Row-ga classes with Laura and discovered the many benefits of practicing yoga. After a little coercion, she tried rowing and found a sport that has everything she needs: excellent cardio and core work, low impact, a different challenge everyday, competitions and most of all, it’s filled with great people.

Ward BursleyWard Bursley

Ward began rowing in mid-November 2011 after meeting and talking to Laura Caylor at the Greenville Indoor Rowing table at his company’s “Wellness Fair.” After his introductory class, he signed up and has been rowing ever since – over 5 million meters so far. The combination of aerobic and muscular exercise of indoor rowing has helped him to achieve his college weight and improve his fitness. He enjoys the camaraderie of the GIR community, the encouragement he receives from other “erg heads” in the oar house, and the variety of exercise routines used in each class. When he’s not rowing, he enjoys spending time with his wife (Jody), hiking, reading, and volunteer work at church. He and Jody have three daughters, two grandsons, and two grand-daughters.

Monique Cain

Monique Cain

Having always done some form of exercise, Monique joined GIR in September 2012 in hopes of finding a program that would give her a great workout, but not be too hard on her body. She found it here! She typically rows 3 days a week and has seen a great transformation in her entire body. In order to share her love for rowing and desire for living a healthy life, Monique began instructing rowing classes. When not exercising or working at her “real” job, Monique spends time with her husband, Mike (also a fellow GIR crew member), and two dogs.


Benefits of Rowing

Whether you already row or are considering indoor rowing to get in shape, lose weight, cross-train for another sport, compete on the water or rehabilitate from injury or surgery, rowing is the complete exercise for you.

Arms, legs, chest, back, abs—even your mind. Your whole body gets a complete workout from the efficient, rhythmic motion of rowing. Rowing is a great exercise in many different ways.

  • No impact / no pounding / no soreness
  • Ultimate calorie burning exercise
  • Great for joint health and flexibility
  • Builds long, lean muscle mass
  • Complete upper and lower body workout
  • Works the back and the core very well
  • Superb aerobic fitness (great for cardiovascular fitness)
  • Relieves Stress (for overall health and well-being)
  • Very time efficient workout / Accomplish more in less time
  • For all ages and all fitness levelMore Reasons To Row
    Submitted by customers using the Concept2 indoor rower
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • To keep in shape for swimming, running, cycling and mountain climbing
  • “Makes me feel great” – promotes well-being and self-esteem
  • Weight loss and blood pressure reduction
  • For relaxation and meditation, to clear one’s mind, to help one sleep
  • Perfect exercise for rehabilitation due to injury
  • As a warm up for running or weight lifting
  • The movement is inherently satisfying
  • For the challenge of improving, competing against oneself
  • Camaraderie, to meet nice people
  • For the FUN of it!
  • Rowing burns an average of 500 calories per hour and can burn double that in a high intensity workout. Below is a chart that breaks down average calories by weight.
  • Rowing is impact-free, and the intensity is completely user-controlled.

Rowing Machines For Sale

Rowing is impact-free, and tConcept2-logohe intensity is completely user-controlled. Thousands of customers have found rowing to be the best low-impact, full-body workout available! Work out in comfort of your own home, or purchase Concept2 Rowers for your corporate fitness program.

Worried about space? Rowers collapse to take up very little room when not in use. We offer two models of rowers, the Model D and the Model E. Both models come with the latest PM5 monitor.

Concept2 Model D Collapsed Rower Concept2 Model E RowerCollapsed Rower
  • Includes your choice of PM3 or PM4 Performance Monitor.
  • Flywheel is designed to minimize noise while providing the smooth feel of rowing on the water.
  • Spiral damper controls airflow to the flywheel allowing users to choose the feel of a sleek, fast boat or a slow, heavy boat.
  • Ergonomic handle allows for a natural arm and hand position.
  • Aluminum rail capped with a stainless-steel track for smooth movement of the seat.
  • Adjustable monitor arm for compact storage.
  • Flexfoot footrests adjust for quick and easy sizing.
  • Separates easily into two parts for transport and storage.
  • Easy assembly. Tools and illustrated instructions included.
  • Caster wheels make it mobile.
  • Every Indoor Rower comes with all you need to get started).
  • Indoor Rowers with PM4 come with a rechargeable battery pack and Suunto chest belt for heart rate monitoring

All features offered on the Model D plus these:

  • PM4 Performance Monitor is standard on all Model E Indoor Rowers.
  • The frame is 20″ high, positioning you at a comfortable seat height.
  • One-piece leg design offers stability and a solid feel.
  • Nickel-plated chain for low-maintenance and a clean look.
  • Fully enclosed chain housing keeps the chain cleaner.
  • Powder-coated frame is sealed with a clear top coat for extra durability.
  • Light metallic gray finish with dark blue-gray accents.
  • Long monitor arm makes it easy to reach the PM4.
PM3 Monitor
PM3 Monitor
PM4 Monitor
PM4 Monitor



Call us for specialized pricing on a machine to meet your needs.

Greenville Indoor Rowing Testimonials

We Asked Our Crew members to Complete this Sentence:


Here are some of their responses:

“I love rowing because it keeps me moving, motivated and mentally fit” Cheryl Childers — 25 year rheumatoid arthritis sufferer

“I love rowing because rowing gives me a full workout and friendships I would not have own my own. Rowing is a pleasurable exercise routine.” Elaine Freeman

“I LOVE ROWING BECAUSE the benefits I receive from rowing are enabling me to improve my mobility and overall health. As a diabetic, the circulation in my legs has decreased significantly, causing me pain and discomfort. The workouts vary in intensity and are helping my circulation and enabling me to have a sense of accomplishment.” Edward Blank – Age 56

“I love rowing because I feel better than I did at 40 and I will be 65 on July 29th.” Dorothy Starrett – Laurens, S.C.

“I love rowing because it has truly made a huge difference in my life from the health benefits to the fun group of people I get to row with and the fantastic Coaches who motivate me to keep on rowing!” Cathy McFadden, 53.

“I love rowing because it keeps me in shape. I know because I lost it since I haven’t been rowing!!!” Joyce Hunter (67)

“I love rowing because it gives you a better workout than any gym would and it makes you sweat.” Phillip Gold

“I love rowing because it’s the hardest workout I can do and it doesn’t hurt my hip or back. But mostly I love rowing because it’s so much fun. Brenda Young

“I love rowing because it’s such a great work-out. I’m a runner and biker and this is something different and fun.” Tommy Young

“I love rowing because I love life and rowing is why I am alive” Wylie Guest

“For the first time in my life, I find myself wanting to be more competitive. Not necessarily with others, but more with myself in wanting to improve my cruise time. If I could only get my body to cooperate and not give out on me!!” Terry Forte, age 55

“I love rowing because it has helped me to return to running after a 9 month injury layoff. I have come back stronger and quicker in the past 8 months with the rowing added to my exercise regimen.” Marty Smith

“I love rowing because…it is the first workout I have ever done that I can’t wait until the next day I can do it again…plus knowing it is a complete workout and not to mention how energized I feel after the class. It makes me feel young and at 58 this makes me happy.” Krystal Gray

I love rowing because for the first time in my life I feel fit, strong and athletic!!! Deb A – 48

From Daniel, age 12: “I love rowing because it is a great workout!”

From Stacy, age 45, currently training for Olympic-distance tri’s: “I love rowing because I can cross-train for triathlons and workout with my 12-year old son at the same time!”

“..because it achieves in the shortest amount of time the greatest quality of exercise available.” John B. Eberly, MD

“I love rowing because it always presents the opportunity to push yourself harder than you ever have before!” Becca Brown

“I love rowing because it’s every man/woman for him/herself and no matter what your time, Lowell always makes you feel like you’ve done GREAT!” Lucie, Age 45, member of GIR from Aug. ’09 ’til I die!

“I’m getting in shape for the first time in many years. I’m wearing a size 6 and loving it. I love that we are all doing the same thing just at our own pace. The friendly atmosphere and the group motivation is great too.” Jane Davis

“I love rowing because it made me stronger than I ever thought I could be!” Deb A. 48 Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia 15 years ago.

“It’s the WonderBread of exercise’s, it builds STRONG bodies 7 different ways.” David C. Age 60

“I love rowing because its the most sweat I can generate in public while still having a great time! Thanks!” Susan Sheeks

“One chamber of my heart was not working properly but after rowing for eight months my doctor said there is no sign of the problem. He gave me a clean bill of health. I had a knee replaced and went back to rowing in two months and did the rest of the rehab on the rowing machine with the doctors approval. I get a great physical and mental lift each day from the class and the people I work out with.” Gene Rupe

“I love rowing because… it’s the best therapy I’ve found for body, mind, and soul. So I guess that makes classes at Greenville Indoor Rowing “Group Therapy”” Anita Blackwell

“I love rowing because of the great people and of course the unbelievable workout I get in 1 hour. I am so glad I found rowing and to see and feel the results I have gotten makes me more addicted than ever.” Mark Dease

“I love rowing because it is a fountain of strength and to my surprise, transformed my body!” Retha Fields age 64

“I love rowing because it is the best workout I have ever had. I am hooked!!! I love rowing because of the people and how much fun it is. Thank you for offering this opportunity in Greenville.” Deb Sloan

“I love rowing because IT GIVES ME SO MUCH ENERGY!” Teresa Stone

“…it enables me to have fun with so many other people while getting and staying in excellent physical condition. There is just nothing else like it.” Mike Davis

“I love to row because I want to live longer, live better, and be able to do most of the things I have on my bucket list. I do not want my body to quit before I get to item 101 on the list.” Bill Dennis

“I love rowing because it’s FUN and I burn a ton of calories!!!!!! I love rowing because I get a total work out in only one hour.” Kendyl Ur

“I love rowing because it gives me the competitive edge that I need plus, it has improved my health considerably according to my Doctor. Last but not least, it allows me to continue to drink cold beer.” Bill Zuber

Welcome to Greenville Indoor Rowing

Welcome to Greenville’s FIRST and ONLY venture dedicated exclusively to indoor rowing. Please take some time to browse through our site and contact us with any questions.

Lowell Caylor’s Cell: 864-498-8608 / Laura Caylor’s Cell: 864-901-3776

Click Here for a Virtual Tour of our studio

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“Row-ga!”an awesome offering of Yoga at Greenville Indoor Rowing. We call it Row-ga because it is simply Yoga taught at our indoor rowing studio. Learn how to use your body and breath to increase strength, stamina, flexibility, endurance, and over-all well being.

YOGA is offered at 10:45am – 12pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays! JOIN US to increase your flexibility, on and off the mat!**

Laura Caylor, Certified / Registered Yoga Teacher and Concept2 / UCanRow2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor will lead you in an hour long class of bodywork, followed by 15 minutes relaxation called Savasana. “Row-ga!” provides the body with mindful concentration and movement on your yoga mat. Warming and contracting the muscles along with stretching and lengthening the muscles will offer you a complete body workout that is non-impact, non-competitive and less intense than our regular rowing classes. Come see what “Row-ga!” can do for you!

Rowing Technique

Rowing Technique

Not Sure What Indoor Rowing is All About? You are not alone. Unfortunately, it has been a well kept secret at most health clubs. When people get proper instruction and are able to experience the many benefits received from rowing, they wish they had discovered it much earlier.

Indoor rowing classes are similar to spinning classes, except that every major muscle group is involved. 86% of your muscle mass comes into play during the rowing stroke. Getting proper instruction is vital to attaining the proper technique. Recognized as the ultimate calorie burning exercise, indoor rowing is a great way to boost your metabolism. It provides one of the most rewarding forms of exercise as it works every major muscle group of the body and it is a great cardiovascular workout.

Study Supports Rowing for Astronaut Fitness

Dr. Benjamin Levine, medical researcher working with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute said the following on the Earth and Sky Radio Series:
”We looked to the sporting world and asked, which athletes have the biggest hearts, the densest bones, the biggest muscles. And that was a pretty quick answer: it’s rowers. Levine said that rowing is a very unique exercise. He said it’s like a combination of weight training and endurance training. Plus the blood pressure goes up high with each stroke, so it’s a good, solid workout for the heart. And it appears the rowing regimen does keep the hearts, bones and muscles of astronauts fit, while cutting the time spent on exercise by more than half”.

In essence, indoor rowing is a very time efficient workout. Since it uses every major muscle group, plus cardiovascular, all in one exercise, you can accomplish more in less time than with any other form of exercise.

Technique Video Link

Click here to watch an excellent short video on the proper rowing technique

Group Rowing Classes

Join our Group Indoor Rowing class, or sign up for individual private sessions. Class pricing is determined by number of classes desired – you decide what works best for you. Classes are held at various times on most days. View the class schedule to find the times that work best for you.

We Look Forward To Having You Row With Us or Experience Yoga With Us !! Or Even Both.

Call Lowell for rowing at 864.498.8608. / Call Laura for Yoga at 864-901-3776.

What is “Row-Ga!”?

Laura Caylor, GIR's RowGa! Instructor “Row-ga!” is offered at Greenville Indoor Rowing as a complement for the rowing enthusiast and as an alternative for the YOGA lovers of Greenville! Every “Row’ga!” class is unique, dependent on the audience, to keep it fresh and interesting. Laura offers an organic flow of yoga postures / asanas that are suitable to your individual needs; each class is followed with a lying-down meditation for restful absorption of the practice, releasing one body part at a time. We have mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets to make your practice as safe and comfortable as you would hope for and expect. Our warm and welcoming Community of Yogis help participants learn and grow in their individual and personal yoga practice. Come experience a great space for your yoga; it’s amazing to watch how we transform the studio from a high intensity rowing atmosphere to an open, peaceful and more relaxed space for yoga. The practice is always well-rounded and effective for both the experienced yogi as well as for the novice. As Laura gently reminds us, “There is no need to fear yoga, here!”

“Row-ga!” Classes – 10:45am til Noon

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Laura also offers other unique services for clients who wish to take their yoga and energy-enhancing practices even further. Click on the two links below to find more details on Qigong and Thai Yoga.

Qigong Donation Classes

Thai Yoga Sessions ~ One on One, by appointment only.

Lights are low for Rowga! Class
Teacher checking student poses

Instructor adjusts student

Instructor adjusts student