Ten Million Lifetime Meter Club (6200 miles) and OVER

The following have rowed OVER Ten Million Lifetime meters (6200 miles):

Debbie Busbey – 10 Million

Helen Ingram – 10 Million

Helen Wynkoop – 10 Million

Stan Overby – 10 Million

Anita Jane Miller – 11 Million

Jason Carden – 11 Million

Jim Twining – 11 Million

Richard Kapp – 11 Million

Van Clanton – 11 Million

Ed Collier – 12 Million

Farrar Pittman – 12 Million

Jennifer Craft – 12 Million

Marty Smith Wilkins – 12 Million

Noelle Young – 12 Million

Susan Mickelwait – 12 Million

Bill Zuber – 13 Million

Joe Rickman – 14 Million

Larry Wisler – 16 Million

Ross Nell – 17 Million

Scott Robinson – 17 Million

Ward Bursley – 18 Million

Robin Meuldijk – 20 Million

Philip Floyd – 21 Million

John Obermeier – 25 Million

Ron Meuldijk – 27 Million

Gene Rupe – 41 Million

Don Gilstrap – 44 Million

Lowell Caylor – 55 Million

Tom Odle – 97 Million

Indoor Racing Season

Most people don’t know that there are indoor rowing machine races.  January and February is the typical indoor rowing racing season. An indoor erg race is typically 2000 meters, by gender, by age group, best time wins. They hold various indoor regattas around the country every year, culminating in the World Indoor Rowing Championships and the USRowing Indoor National Championships.

Some of the regattas also have 1000 meter races and 500 meter races in addition to the standard 2000 meter races. In 2020, the World Championships were held in Paris, France and the USRowing National Championships were held in Boston, MA.

Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships

The 30th annual TIRC was held in Chattanooga on Feb 8th this year. At the TIRC’s they use an age handicap system for all racers over 40 years of age. Everyone 40 and over rows at the same time. Age handicaps are set in advance based on the number of years over 40.  They then take your raw 2K time, deduct your handicap time and medals are awarded based on those adjusted times.

Part of our GIR Race Team raced here. Here’s who raced:

Kasey Obermeier – Open Lightweight Women – 3rd Place Bronze
Debbie Busbey – Open Lightweight Women – 5th Place
Camille Hood – Veteran Women (40 and Over) – 3rd Place Bronze

John Obermeier – Veteran Men (40 and Over) – 5th Place

Atlanta Erg Sprints

The Atlanta Erg Sprints does not use an age handicap system like they do in Chattanooga.  But, on the top end of the age group scale, everyone 60 and over rows together with no age adjustment. The Erg Sprints were held on February 15th this year.

Here’s who raced from GIR:

Emma Merry – Womens 30-39 – 4th Place
Camille Hood – Womens 60+ – 2nd Place  Silver
Robin Meuldijk – Womens 60+ – 1st Place Gold

Joe Merry – Masters Men – 4th Place
Glenn Wentz – Men Age 40-49 – 8th Place
Jack Turner – Men 60+ – 6th Place
Ron Meuldijk – Men 60+ – 5th Place

US Rowing Indoor National Championships

This year the US Rowing Indoor National Championships were held on March 1st in conjunction with the CRASH-B Sprints. We had two rowers from GIR compete this year.

John Obermeier – Mens 60-64 – 9th Place
Dave Watts – Lightweight Mens 80-84 – 1st Place Gold

Half and Full Marathon Clubs

Rowers who row a full-marathon are rowing the equivalent to a runners 26.2 mile full-marathon and rowers who row a half-marathon are rowing the equivalent to a runners 13.1 mile half-marathon. Rowing distances are measured in meters; a full-marathon being 42,195 meters and a half-marathon being 21,097 meters.

Below you will see which GIR Members have rowed half marathons and which have rowed full marathons, or BOTH! Scroll down to see the complete listing.

Half Marathon

Full Marathon

Al Dobbs
Alan Hester
Anne Moore
Beth Fortune
Bill Dennis
Bob Mancuso
Brian Henson
Carla Carter
Caron Vallance
Cathy McFadden
Cheryl Childers
Dave Carter
Deb Adams
Deb Sloan
Don Gilstrap
Dora Dulaney
Dwayne Alexander
Farrar Pittman
Garry Patton
Gene Rupe
H Coe Meuldijk
Heather Smith
Helen Wynkoop
Jason Carden
Jason Scroggs
Jim Beischer
Joan Nell
Joe Rickman
John Barth
John Moore
Josephine Oakley
Joyce Hunter
Judy Widmer
Kathy Gettys
Katie Broderick
Kelly Korobkin
Lance Ferrill
Larry Wisler
Lisa Littleton
Lisa Robb
Lowell Caylor
Mark Dease
Mark Wessel
Monique Cain
Morgan Stewart
Myra Bonner
Olga Layfield
Pam Lizanich
Paula Wynn
Philip Floyd
Phillip Gold
Rachel Reed
Retha Fields
Rhonda Barth
Robin Meuldijk
Ron Meuldijk
Ross Nell
Sandi Smith
Siobhan Rose-Innes
Susan Garren
Ted Hammer
Thom Hansen
Tom Odle
Van Clanton
Vicy Wilkinson

Jason Carden
Mark Wessel
Morgan Stewart
Ron Meuldijk
Ted Hammer
Thom Hansen
Van Clanton
Vicy Wilkinson


































What is “Row-ga!”?

Laura Caylor, GIR's RowGa! Instructor “Row-ga!” is a 75-minute yoga class offered at our Greenville Indoor Rowing studio as a complement for the rowing enthusiast and as an alternative for the YOGA lovers of Greenville! Every “Row-ga!” class is unique and dependent on the audience; we do our best to keep things fresh and interesting with your safety in mind, at all times.

It’s kind of amazing to see how we transform a highly intense and energetic rowing facility into a soft, quiet and very calming yoga center. YOGA @ GIR offers an organic flow of physical yoga poses, (asanas), sequenced to suit  your needs with whatever adjustments  or modifications necessary to allow you  to enjoy the experience even more. Each class is finished with a lying-down, guided meditation for the restful absorption of the yoga practice, releasing and relaxing one body part at a time.

We have mats, blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and an occasional tennis ball to enhance and deepen your practice at GIR. Our warm and welcoming Community of Yogis helps participants learn, grow and experience a great space for yoga. The practice is always well-rounded and effective for both the experienced yogi as well as for any and all “newbies”. As I  gently remind folks, “There is no need to fear yoga, here!”

“Row-ga!” Classes – 10:45am til Noon

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Laura also offers other unique services for clients who wish to take their yoga and energy-enhancing practices even further.

Contact Laura for more details at 864-901-3776.


Meet your Yogini, Laura Caylor


Greenville Indoor Rowing Prices

Orientation Sessions:

Prior to taking your first group class, we require you to attend a free orientation session to learn about the indoor rowing machine and introduce you to the proper rowing technique. This orientation session will be done 30 minutes prior to your first class. If you have previously used the Concept2 indoor rower, then your orientation session might be shorter, based on your experience level with the indoor rower.

If seats are available in a class that you would like to attend, we will schedule your orientation session for 30 minutes prior to that class. Please call Lowell at 864-498-8608 or email him at lowell.caylor@yahoo.com to set up your orientation session. You will be glad that you did.

Current Rowing Pricing Schedule:

Orientation session and  first class are both free.

Singles Pricing:
10 Class Punch Card  /  $150  /  Our punch cards have no expiration date
20 Class Punch Card  /  $250  /  Our punch cards have no expiration date
Frequent Rower Club  /  Unlimited classes  /  $100 per month

Couples Pricing:
10 Class Punch Card  /  $110  /  Can be shared by the couple
Frequent Rower Club  /  $85 per person per month  –  $170 total per month
Couples Combo  /  One does a punch card and the other does Frequent Rower

Current “Row-ga!” Pricing Schedule:

Single Walk-in Price = $10
10 Class Pass = $80

Special Pricing applies if you also attend rowing classes.

Concept2 Rowing Machines (Ergs) For Sale

Rowing is impact-free, and tConcept2-logohe intensity is completely user-controlled. Thousands of customers have found rowing to be the best low-impact, full-body workout available! Work out in comfort of your own home, or purchase Concept2 Rowers for your corporate fitness program.

Worried about space? Rowers collapse to take up very little room when not in use. We offer two models of rowers, the Model D and the Model E. Both models come with the latest PM5 monitor.

We are an authorized reseller for Concept2

Call us for the latest pricing on a machine to meet your needs.

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Visit Concept2’s website for the latest information on rowing, workout of the day, national rowing team rankings, etc.