One Million Lifetime Meter Club (620 miles)

The following have rowed over One Million Lifetime meters (620 miles). They are listed alphabetically, by first name, to make it easier for you to look for your friends. As a frame of reference, a million meters is equal to 620 miles.

Aileen Kirby
Al Dobbs
Alan Redmon
Amy Malcomb
Amy Odle
Amy Trissler
Anne Butler Jensen
Beth Holladay
Brenda Young
Brian Dentler
Brian Henson
Buddy Schaefer
Carrie Arnold
Catherine Thornton
Charles Slezak
Chelsea Brown
Cheryl Childers
Chris Lane
Claire Dillon-Palma
Clive Gobbett
Dane Pierce
David Penney
Debra Williams
Denise Johnson
Dick Strossner
Dora Dulaney


















Dorothy Starrett
Doug Brown
Drew Palmer
Ed Blank
Ella Shuler
Ellis Bellew
Eric Baker
Frank Roth
George Zitlaw
Gordon Bray
Glynnis Judy
Greg Sieber
Gregg Lewin
Heather Coe Meuldijk
Jan Florence
Jan Hughes
Jane Davis
Janie Marron
Jen Obermeier
Jim Beischer
Jim Miller
Joanne Harris
John DiBlanda
John Cebe
John Eberly
John Moore
John Sisson
John Thornton
Juanita Cowden
Karen Kapp
Katie Hall
Kay Roper



















Kayla Olsen
Ken Costanzo
Kim Dunn
Kim Whitmire
Kimberly Cooley
Laura Rolke
Lea Hall
Les Seymour
Leta Williams
Lindsay Ward
Luci Floyd
Mark Davison
Mark Dion
Mary Anne Wylie
Mike Williams
Mimi Webb
Nancy Graham
Patty Byars
Penny Palmer
Pete Sanders
Peter Schneider
Rachel Reed
Rhonda Barth
Rhonda Stevens
Ronda Eberly
Rowena Thibodeaux
Sandy Austin
Sara Jo Moore
Scott Gould
Scott Hall




















Steve Shanley
Susan Askew
Susan Dion
Susan Garren
Tony Gregory
Toyya Funchess
Tracy Green
Trina Benson
Wayne Cameron















Four Million Lifetime Meter Club (2480)

The following have rowed over Four Million Lifetime meters (2480 miles):

April Hall

Bob Smith

Caron Vallance

Cassandra Bray

Debra Nash

Ethel Childress

Glenn Wentz

Gloria Vanderburgh

Jerry Shive

Johnny Gibson

Josephine Oakley

Karen Baker

Mike Davis

Mimi Liebel

Pam Lizanich

Phillip Gold

Siobhan Rose-Innes

Tom Lappin

“Row-ga!” Class Testimonials

1. What has been your experience with “Row-ga!” at Greenville Indoor Rowing?

It’s my favorite hour of the week… and that’s saying something as I have some pretty good hours! =) I like the variety; I like the flow; I like the movement of it all.

Right from my very first Row-ga class I knew I was hooked. Take some Yoga, a great instructor and finish with mellow music, what a recipe!!!

I love it. Laura does a great job leading and guiding beginners and experienced participants. Immediately felt comfortable in something that was new to me.

2. How many times a week do you come to a “Row-ga!” class?

Just once a week – will eventually do more

Two, right now.

Once per week due to schedule issues. Ideally I would like to attend a class 2-3x wk.


3. Do you feel that the “Row-ga!” class is suitable for any age or fitness level?


For the most part, yes, and Laura does a great job at helping and at pointing out alternate postures as/when necessary.

Yes…I am 58 and although I can not do many of the poses perfectly. Laura repeats to us often…..”Where you are now is exactly where you need to be, today.” We are not to force our bodies but become more aware of our bodies, aches, pains and concentrate on breathing to release the tensions/toxins/etc. that lie within that area.

4. How do you like the music in the “Row-ga!” class?

Always good music – like it when you change it up.

LOVE IT =) Oh yes…..and if you are sweet, Laura surprises you with your copy.

I just love the music – it takes me away to a calming and happy place.

5. Please rate your experience, both mental and physical, after a “Row-ga!” class from 1-10, (10 being the highest, most blissful experience!)

Very relaxed after yoga both physically and mentally

Most days, a 10! And on days that aren’t a 10, it’s not Row-ga!’s fault…

Mostly 10’s but some days one’s mind and body just aren’t in sink. I must say I have entered class as a 4 and left a 10 many times. Laura is a friend to so many and very grounded. She truly has a passion for yoga.

It would have to be 10 for me. By the end of class I am in Blissville!! Physically I am charged, and mentally I am in the moment.

My favorite part of the workout is the stretching poses we hold. I think they help me balance out my fitness routine the most. And I also like the reminders of when to inhale and exhale with each move.

Yoga is Laura’s passion. She is an excellent instructor and I never feel that I must go beyond MY limit. I love it when I can only bend 15 degrees of the 45 degrees and she says, “Where you are NOW is where you need to be.”

Treat your brain, spirit and body by participating in a “Row-Ga” class with Laura Caylor. After my first one hour class, my neck tension was gone and I felt a weeks worth of stress and emotional baggage float away. Oh yeah…she’ll also get you stretching muscles you didn’t know existed.

Keep up the good work!


I have been practicing yoga off and on since 1996. When Laura finished her certification and began her “Row-ga” classes I was very skeptical of combining yoga (sacred stretching, to me) with rowing, which I didn’t understand at all. But I fell in love with Row-ga after the very first class! That was sometime last summer.

This spring, I realized that I was looking forward to the rowing as much as I was looking forward to the yoga… so I started rowing with Lowell in April. Now I am even more grateful for Row-ga! As soon as I started rowing, I realized that my hips, upper back and legs were in desperate need of more yoga. Talking with Laura about the muscles I could feel tightening has really helped me improve my technique AND my cruise pace and it’s also helped increase my endurance with rowing. I find that on the days I row with Lowell after doing Row-ga with Laura, my average speed is actually about 10 seconds lower! Talk about inspiration! I am also noticing that during Lowell’s classes I am breathing a lot more deeply, which I know helps with all aspects of my rowing and my health overall.

If you row, but have not tried Row-ga, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. I promise you will feel like you had a workout and that if you do it consistently, you will feel a difference in your rowing, too!

– Vicy Wlkinson

Ten Million Lifetime Meter Club (6200 miles) and OVER

The following have rowed OVER Ten Million Lifetime meters (6200 miles):

Ed Collier – 10 Million

Helen Ingram – 10 Million

Helen Wynkoop – 10 Million

Farrar Pittman – 10 Million

Mark Dease – 10 Million

Marty Smith Wilkins – 10 Million

Jennifer Craft – 11 Million

Jason Carden – 11 Million

Joe Rickman – 12 Million

Noelle Young – 12 Million

Bill Zuber – 13 Million

Ross Nell – 15 Million

Larry Wisler – 15 Million

Ward Bursley – 16 Million

Robin Meuldijk – 17 Million

Scott Robinson – 17 Million

Philip Floyd – 20 Million

John Obermeier – 23 Million

Ron Meuldijk – 23 Million

Gene Rupe – 38 Million

Don Gilstrap – 42 Million

Lowell Caylor – 52 Million

Tom Odle – 82 Million


Q: I’m looking for a new way to workout and improve my fitness. I’m so bored with the whole running, biking, swimming thing, but it’s all I know. Any suggestions? – Floundering in Fitness

A: Suggestion? You betcha! Indoor Rowing! As you probably know, Ruth & I are huge proponents of the benefits of indoor rowing as a fitness activity and competitive sport. I have been rowing for fitness for 10+ years, and competitively for the last 4 years, so I can attest to the effectiveness of rowing on ones fitness level compared to other endurance activities. But rather than blah, blah about it from my own mouth, I want to guide you to another resource, the first of its kind in Greenville. If you wanted to row, you had to join a health club, (if you could find one with rowing machines that actually worked), or buy your own rower. But no more! Lowell & Laura Caylor, owners of Greenville Indoor Rowing now run indoor rowing classes. Check their website for class times and costs. This is a super way to get into the fun and excitement of indoor rowing. Lowell is a competitive rower with 20 years experience on the erg – (ergometer; rowing speak for the rowing machine). Oh, I didn’t mention that he is also 67 years young!! So rowing is also a fitness activity and competitive sport for all ages!! Check these guys out – you won’t be disappointed. Tell them the guy with the beard & earring sent you.

– Bob Mancuso, Licensed Massage Therapist; Certified Sports Massage; Certified Personal Fitness Trainer – Blue Ridge Sports & Therapeutic Massage, Greenville, SC (864-271-0442)