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Greenville Indoor Rowing & "Row-Ga!" on Scene on 7

Jamarcus Gaston features Greenville Indoor Rowing and "Row-Ga!" on Scene on 7!

Why Indoor Rowing?

13 Reasons Rowing Is About to Take Over
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Q:  I’m looking for a new way to workout and improve my fitness.  I’m so bored with the whole running, biking, swimming thing, but it’s all I know.  Any suggestions? – Floundering in Fitness

A:  Suggestion?  You betcha!  Indoor Rowing!  As you probably know, Ruth & I are huge proponents of the benefits of indoor rowing as a fitness activity and competitive sport.  I have been rowing for fitness for 10+ years, and competitively for the last 4 years, so I can attest to the effectiveness of rowing on ones fitness level compared to other endurance activities.  But rather than blah, blah about it from my own mouth, I want to guide you to another resource, the first of its kind in Greenville.  If you wanted to row, you had to join a health club, (if you could find one with rowing machines that actually worked), or buy your own rower.  But no more!  Lowell & Laura Caylor, owners of Greenville Indoor Rowing now run indoor rowing classes.  Check their website for class times and costs.  This is a super way to get into the fun and excitement of indoor rowing.  Lowell is a competitive rower with 20 years experience on the erg - (ergometer; rowing speak for the rowing machine).  Oh, I didn’t mention that he is also 67 years young!!  So rowing is also a fitness activity and competitive sport for all ages!! Check these guys out – you won’t be disappointed.  Tell them the guy with the beard & earring sent you.

- Bob Mancuso, Licensed Massage Therapist; Certified Sports Massage; Certified Personal Fitness Trainer – Blue Ridge Sports & Therapeutic Massage, Greenville, SC  (864-271-0442)

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