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Not Sure What Indoor Rowing is All About? You are not alone. Unfortunately, it has been a well kept secret at most health clubs. When people get proper instruction and are able to experience the many benefits received from rowing, they wish they had discovered it much earlier.

Indoor rowing classes are similar to spinning classes, except that every major muscle group is involved. Getting proper instruction is vital to attaining the proper technique. Recognized as the ultimate calorie burning exercise, indoor rowing is a great way to boost your metabolism. It provides one of the most rewarding forms of exercise as it works every major muscle group of the body and it is a great cardiovascular workout.

Study Supports Rowing for Astronaut Fitness Dr. Benjamin Levine, medical researcher working with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute said the following on the Earth & Sky Radio Series: ”We looked to the sporting world and asked, which athletes have the biggest hearts, the densest bones, the biggest muscles. And that was a pretty quick answer: it’s rowers. Levine said that rowing is a very unique exercise. He said it’s like a combination of weight training and endurance training. Plus the blood pressure goes up high with each stroke, so it’s a good, solid workout for the heart. And it appears the rowing regimen does keep the hearts, bones and muscles of astronauts fit, while cutting the time spent on exercise by more than half”. In essence, indoor rowing is a very time efficient workout. Since it uses every major muscle group, plus cardiovascular, all in one exercise, you can accomplish more in less time than with any other form of exercise.

Technique Video Link Click here to watch an excellent short video on the proper rowing technique

Group Rowing Classes Join our Group Indoor Rowing classes or sign up for individual private sessions. Class pricing is determined by the number of classes desired – you decide what works best for you. We have 10 class or 20 class punch card options and we have an unlimited class option. Click on the Classes Tab on the Home Page Header above to see the class schedule as well as our class pricing. 

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