Atlanta Erg Sprints – 2014

On February 1, 2014, a team of 13 GIR members went to Atlanta to compete in the Atlanta Erg Sprints, a regional indoor rowing competition. The GIR Team Atlanta 2014 was composed of the following people:

Amy Buxbaum, Brian Henson, Carolyn Glosek, Debbie Busbey, Doug Nelson, Edmund Woo, Jason Carden, Jean Horney, John Obermeier, Lowell Caylor, Robin Meuldijk, Thom Hansen and Ward Bursley.

We came away with a total of 8 medals, grabbing Three Gold, Four Silver and One Bronze. Our ladies did especially well. They took the Gold in the 40-49, 50-59 and 60 and Over age groups. Well done, Team Atlanta 2014 !!

Concept2 Rowing – 2015

Concept2’s annual rowing year runs from May 1st through April 30th each year. For the 2015 rowing year, we were the #1 Health Club in the world for the 6th consecutive year. Greenville Indoor Rowing amassed just shy of 152 Million Meters as a team. It was an awesome job once again by each and every member of our team. Congratulations and well done !

Concept2 Fall Team Challenge – 2015

Concept2 has announced their Fall Team Challenge 2015. It is a team challenge and the goal is to see how many meters each team can row collectively between September 15, 2015 and October 15, 2015. Our GIR team has finished as the #1 Health Club in the world for the last four Fall Challenges.

March Madness Challenge – 2011

This was an individual challenge for the month of March, 2011. See if you can row at least 5000 meters for at least 25 days during the month. There is also an Advanced Challenge for those that try to row at least 10,000 meters for at least 25 days during the month. We had two members that rowed over 10,000 for at least 25 days during the month: Cheryl Childers and Lowell Caylor. We had three members that rowed at least 5,000 meters for at least 25 days during the month: Lee Powers, Tom Odle and Van Clanton. Congratulations to all.

CRASH-B’s / World Indoor Rowing Championships – 2014

The World Indoor Rowing Championships were held in Boston, MA on Sunday, February 16, 2014.

Over 2200 rowers from 24 countries around the world come to Boston to compete in what is the biggest event in indoor rowing of the year. You race by age group and gender and your race is 2000 meters.

GIR Crew Member Ulrike Bonn placed 8th in the Womens 50-54 Heavyweight category. Congratulations, Ulrike, very well done.