Greenville Indoor Rowing Testimonials

We Asked Our Crew members to Complete this Sentence:


Here are some of their responses:

“I love rowing because it keeps me moving, motivated and mentally fit” Cheryl Childers — 25 year rheumatoid arthritis sufferer

“I love rowing because rowing gives me a full workout and friendships I would not have own my own. Rowing is a pleasurable exercise routine.” Elaine Freeman

“I LOVE ROWING BECAUSE the benefits I receive from rowing are enabling me to improve my mobility and overall health. As a diabetic, the circulation in my legs has decreased significantly, causing me pain and discomfort. The workouts vary in intensity and are helping my circulation and enabling me to have a sense of accomplishment.” Edward Blank – Age 56

“I love rowing because I feel better than I did at 40 and I will be 65 on July 29th.” Dorothy Starrett – Laurens, S.C.

“I love rowing because it has truly made a huge difference in my life from the health benefits to the fun group of people I get to row with and the fantastic Coaches who motivate me to keep on rowing!” Cathy McFadden, 53.

“I love rowing because it keeps me in shape. I know because I lost it since I haven’t been rowing!!!” Joyce Hunter (67)

“I love rowing because it gives you a better workout than any gym would and it makes you sweat.” Phillip Gold

“I love rowing because it’s the hardest workout I can do and it doesn’t hurt my hip or back. But mostly I love rowing because it’s so much fun. Brenda Young

“I love rowing because it’s such a great work-out. I’m a runner and biker and this is something different and fun.” Tommy Young

“I love rowing because I love life and rowing is why I am alive” Wylie Guest

“For the first time in my life, I find myself wanting to be more competitive. Not necessarily with others, but more with myself in wanting to improve my cruise time. If I could only get my body to cooperate and not give out on me!!” Terry Forte, age 55

“I love rowing because it has helped me to return to running after a 9 month injury layoff. I have come back stronger and quicker in the past 8 months with the rowing added to my exercise regimen.” Marty Smith

“I love rowing because…it is the first workout I have ever done that I can’t wait until the next day I can do it again…plus knowing it is a complete workout and not to mention how energized I feel after the class. It makes me feel young and at 58 this makes me happy.” Krystal Gray

I love rowing because for the first time in my life I feel fit, strong and athletic!!! Deb A – 48

From Daniel, age 12: “I love rowing because it is a great workout!”

From Stacy, age 45, currently training for Olympic-distance tri’s: “I love rowing because I can cross-train for triathlons and workout with my 12-year old son at the same time!”

“..because it achieves in the shortest amount of time the greatest quality of exercise available.” John B. Eberly, MD

“I love rowing because it always presents the opportunity to push yourself harder than you ever have before!” Becca Brown

“I love rowing because it’s every man/woman for him/herself and no matter what your time, Lowell always makes you feel like you’ve done GREAT!” Lucie, Age 45, member of GIR from Aug. ’09 ’til I die!

“I’m getting in shape for the first time in many years. I’m wearing a size 6 and loving it. I love that we are all doing the same thing just at our own pace. The friendly atmosphere and the group motivation is great too.” Jane Davis

“I love rowing because it made me stronger than I ever thought I could be!” Deb A. 48 Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia 15 years ago.

“It’s the WonderBread of exercise’s, it builds STRONG bodies 7 different ways.” David C. Age 60

“I love rowing because its the most sweat I can generate in public while still having a great time! Thanks!” Susan Sheeks

“One chamber of my heart was not working properly but after rowing for eight months my doctor said there is no sign of the problem. He gave me a clean bill of health. I had a knee replaced and went back to rowing in two months and did the rest of the rehab on the rowing machine with the doctors approval. I get a great physical and mental lift each day from the class and the people I work out with.” Gene Rupe

“I love rowing because… it’s the best therapy I’ve found for body, mind, and soul. So I guess that makes classes at Greenville Indoor Rowing “Group Therapy”” Anita Blackwell

“I love rowing because of the great people and of course the unbelievable workout I get in 1 hour. I am so glad I found rowing and to see and feel the results I have gotten makes me more addicted than ever.” Mark Dease

“I love rowing because it is a fountain of strength and to my surprise, transformed my body!” Retha Fields age 64

“I love rowing because it is the best workout I have ever had. I am hooked!!! I love rowing because of the people and how much fun it is. Thank you for offering this opportunity in Greenville.” Deb Sloan

“I love rowing because IT GIVES ME SO MUCH ENERGY!” Teresa Stone

“…it enables me to have fun with so many other people while getting and staying in excellent physical condition. There is just nothing else like it.” Mike Davis

“I love to row because I want to live longer, live better, and be able to do most of the things I have on my bucket list. I do not want my body to quit before I get to item 101 on the list.” Bill Dennis

“I love rowing because it’s FUN and I burn a ton of calories!!!!!! I love rowing because I get a total work out in only one hour.” Kendyl Ur

“I love rowing because it gives me the competitive edge that I need plus, it has improved my health considerably according to my Doctor. Last but not least, it allows me to continue to drink cold beer.” Bill Zuber