Benefits of Rowing

Whether you already row or are considering indoor rowing to get in shape, lose weight, cross-train for another sport, compete on the water or rehabilitate from injury or surgery, rowing is the complete exercise for you.

Arms, legs, chest, back, abs—even your mind. Your whole body gets a complete workout from the efficient, rhythmic motion of rowing. Rowing is a great exercise in many different ways.

  • No impact / no pounding / no soreness
  • Ultimate calorie burning exercise
  • Great for joint health and flexibility
  • Builds long, lean muscle mass
  • Complete upper and lower body workout
  • Works the back and the core very well
  • Superb aerobic fitness (great for cardiovascular fitness)
  • Relieves Stress (for overall health and well-being)
  • Very time efficient workout / Accomplish more in less time
  • For all ages and all fitness level
  • More Reasons To Row
    Submitted by customers using the Concept2 indoor rower
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • To keep in shape for swimming, running, cycling and mountain climbing
  • “Makes me feel great” – promotes well-being and self-esteem
  • Weight loss and blood pressure reduction
  • For relaxation and meditation, to clear one’s mind, to help one sleep
  • Perfect exercise for rehabilitation due to injury
  • As a warm up for running or weight lifting
  • The movement is inherently satisfying
  • For the challenge of improving, competing against oneself
  • Camaraderie, to meet nice people
  • For the FUN of it!
  • Rowing burns an average of 500 calories per hour and can burn double that in a high intensity workout. Below is a chart that breaks down average calories by weight.
  • Rowing is impact-free, and the intensity is completely user-controlled.