About Greenville Indoor Rowing

Greenville Indoor Rowing was founded by Lowell Caylor in the Spring of 2008.

Lowell Caylor, a former NFL Defensive Back, has been hooked on indoor rowing as his primary form of exercise for about 35 years. Upon retiring from the software business in 2008, he decided to establish Greenville Indoor Rowing, LLC, to share the benefits of indoor rowing with others.

While living in Denver, Lowell first became curious about the rower as he watched a very fit individual using it and he asked some questions about it. He realized the rowing machine was getting very little use in a very busy fitness facility and it didn’t take long for him to know he’d found a new, very accessible love. He later bought his own for home use and has diligently trained on the rower over the years.

Having always been a competitive champion, Lowell decided to participate in regional indoor rowing competitions and medaled each time. Most recently he won the Gold Medal in the Mens Over 40 category at the Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships. His passion for this form of exercise really hit home when he had a heart attack in May of 2006 and survived. Having a 100% blockage of the right coronary artery, Lowell’s cardiologist was amazed that he was still breathing. While performing the angioplasty and stent implant procedure, his cardiologist made the statement to him, “that piece of equipment (the rower) saved your life”!

Lowell is a certified indoor rowing instructor and is affiliated with Concept2, the company that created the premier indoor rower. The Concept2 rower is the one that all others are measured by and the primary equipment used for training and competition by college rowing crews and rowing clubs around the world.

In his own words Lowell states, “I think this piece of equipment is the best there is for overall conditioning. The machine works every major muscle group, plus cardiovascular, all in one workout. It is also low impact so your knees and ankles don’t take the pounding you get from running or jogging. It’s truly an exercise for all ages and all fitness levels”.